Swarovski i srebro




10.06.2012, 06:49 ::
I'd say this is a rather weak reoasn to use software in english. However I can't deny the fact that it would make error message lookup harder in Google. So for those of you who write localized software, it a good idea to add a numerical ID to error messages (e0 la SQLSTATE) in order to help error lookup. Nonetheless, it turns that ironically your Sterownik ekranu przestał działać, ale odzyskał sprawność. example yields hits on Google.A better reoasn to use the english versions would be that translations are often very poor. This might not apply to OSes but it's true for smaller applications. Sometimes we just can't figure out what the intent is in the UI. Translations are often done partially, which is worse. Also, there is a lack of consistency in technical vocabulary for non-english languages.In Que9bec, linguistic laws require companies to have all software in french when available french. This often leaves no choice for the user but to use the french version.